Classic vs. Colorful Bridal Bouquets

A bridal bouquet should be made to compliment just how beautiful the bride is! When we think of a classic bridal bouquet we often think of a big, bright, and beautiful all white bouquet. Now there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the classics, but there’s also nothing wrong with adding that personal bright and colorful touch of your own as well! There’s nothing we love more than creating those stunning and elegant classics or even getting creative with some colorful and fun floral as well. The all classic all white bridal bouquet can be done in all kinds of different ways. Just because it’s all white doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with it! You can decide to go with a simple classic all white bouquet using a handful or roses or even hydrangeas, or you can decide to go with a more elegant all white cascading and grand bouquet! A new trend these days, is even to pair the classic all white with some greenery.

On the other side of things, the colorful bridal bouquets can really be anything you want them to be! While that can be a bit overwhelming with all the choices and decisions you have to make, don’t worry we’re here to make it fun for you! There are so many options with a colorful bouquet. You can use it as that pop of color to add that nice contrast to your overall wedding colors, or you could even do a bouquet filled with different shades of your color scheme.

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